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1.1. Welcome to the website www.stay-in-athens.gr ("Website"). The private company under the name Dine & Taste Restaurant Marketing & Food Festivals IKE  (" Dine & Taste’", ‘’ Company, "we", "our", "us"), located in Athens Greece, Evripidou Street 28, provides its services directly or indirectly (through its third party affiliates - '' Stay In Providers’’) online,  with respect to the Event named Stay in Athens,  as these services described on the Website ("Event"). Indicatively Stay In Providers are the Hotels and the sales platform (eventora.com). These present Terms and Conditions (‘’Terms”) together with the Privacy Policy  and Cookies Policy,   as may be amended from time to time, apply to the use of the Website, Dine & Taste technology and the services provided on the Website ( e.g. Hotel Accommodation, Participation in Experiences with respect to the Event (hereinafter the "Services") and set the terms and conditions under which you, under any capacity, ie. the viewer, user, visitor, consumer-buyer, (hereinafter “you”, or the “user”, or “yours” or ‘’visitor), visit the Website and/or use the context and the Services (ie. Ticketing, Newsletters).By accessing/browsing in the website and/or using the Services (e.g. purchasing a Ticket), you fully acknowledge and accept that you have read, understand and agree to the Terms (including the Privacy Policy) that apply for all content on the Website and they  bind you every time you visit the Site and constitute a binding agreement between you and Dine & Taste (the 'Agreement').

Please read these Terms carefully. If you do NOT accept and agree with these Terms together with our Privacy and Cookie Policies , you have no right to use the Platform or the Services and must cease accessing the Website and/or use the Services immediately. Your Use of Services is expressly conditioned upon your assent to all the terms of this Agreement, to the exclusion of all other terms.

In case you need any clarifications or information regarding the Terms, or you have any inquiries etc. in relation to the Terms, you can contact us through telephone (  +302102419654-5) or  email (events@toposophy.com) before performing any of your actions on the Website.

The Company reserves the right at any time, without cause and without prior notice, to cancel, suspend or terminate the operation of the Website or certain Services or the sale of certain tickets.

The Website, the content and infrastructure of the Website, and the Services provided through the Website are owned, operated and provided by the Company and are provided for your personal, non-commercial (B2C) use only, subject to the present Terms. The Website displays Services in respect to the Event (eg accommodation services), provided by third party affiliates of the Company, the Stay In Providers - Hotels and which are available for sale through the Stay In Provider - Sales Platform.The relationship that we have with the Stay In Providers (Hotels, Sales Platform) are governed by separate terms and conditions which govern the (B2B) commercial relationship we have with each of these Stay In Providers. Each Stay In Provider acts in a professional manner vis-à-vis the Company when making its product and/or service available on or through the Company (both for its business-to-business ("B2B") and/or business-to-consumer ("B2C") relationship). Please note that Stay In Providers may have, declare applicable and/or require (acceptance of) – in addition to the policies and fine print as disclosed on the website, their own (delivery / shipping / carriage / usage) terms and conditions and house rules for the use, access and consummation of Services or their services.



We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, at any time  to amend, update, delete, add, adjust, restrict unilaterally, partially or in total : a)  the Terms, b) the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, c) the Services and d) the technical characteristics, features and functions of the Website,(herein the “Amendments”), or to proceed to any Amendments imposed by Laws, without Your permission and/or consent or even without any prior notification, however any such Amendment will be within the legal and ethical limits. e, If we do this, depending on the nature of the change, we will post the changes on this page and indicate at the top of this page the date these terms were last revised and/or notify you, through reasonable means and as required by applicable law. Any action or use of Services or any access to the Website after the date any such Ammendments become effective constitutes your unconditional acceptance of them .


 Your privacy is important to us. For details please see our Privacy Policy  as it describes what information we collect from you, how we use that information, and the legal bases we have to process your information. By using the Services, you consent to our collection and use of personal data as outlined therein.

If you have any questions regarding our Terms or Privacy Policy you can contact us either by phone at +302102419654-5 either by e-mail events@toposophy.com


2.1. Your access to and use of the Website and / or any transaction you make through it is at your sole risk. The Company has taken, as far as possible, all necessary security measures to protect the Website from viruses and other malware and controls access using  security systems to prevent attacks and other unauthorized actions, but does not warrant that the content of the Website is free of viruses, errors and other harmful information and Company is not responsible for any damage caused to such visitor / user equipment, software or files, and for any any damage that the visitor / user may suffer from the above causes.

Further to any access / use of the Website:

  1. you are solely responsible for having the necessary equipment (eg personal computer, mobile), software, telecommunications equipment and any services necessary to access the Website. You are also responsible for protecting your system from viruses and other malware.
  2. you are the only and solely responsible for the legal use of the Website and are obliged to abstain from any unlawful and abusive conduct, as well as from the adoption of unlawful practices and practices of unfair competition. You must comply with the rules and provisions of Greek, European and International Law and with the relevant laws governing telecommunications and refrain from any illegal and abusive conduct that may affect other visitors / users and cause harm or malfunction to  the Website and he Company.
  3. you undertake not to engage in any fraudulent use of the Services (eg bookings). If we reasonably believe that you have taken such action (eg you have made such a reservation through a Stay In Provider) we have the right to take any action to remove the action (eg cancel or notify Stay In Provider to make the cancellation of the reservation).
  4. you are solely responsible for the legality and accuracy of the information and Data you provide to the Website and Stay In Providers, for which the Company has no responsibility or obligation to control, unless imposed by us by law.
  5. you are not allowed to resell, deep link, use, copy, monitor (e.g. spider, scrape), display, download, or reproduce any content or information, software, reservations, tickets, products, or Services available on our Website for any commercial or competitive activity or purpose.
  6. you are not allowed to use the Website and its Services in any way, in order to post or publish or transmit any content that is unlawful, threatening, offensive, defamatory, immoral, vulgar, obscene, enhancing or expressing racial, ethnic or other discrimination third parties in any way.
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  8. It is prohibited (a) to gain unauthorized access to any information and/or data (including personal data) distributed in the website, or any attempt to provide unauthorized access to any third party to any such information and data; (b) to access and use the website with the aim of developing any product or service that competes ours; (c) to facilitate in any way and by any means the third parties access to the data provided to the Wesite by its users; (d) any form of Software piracy, hacking and / or theft, transfer, downloading, processing, resale,  copying, distribution, creation of derivative data work (including personal data) and information, including content and material (photos, graphics, texts, etc.) of the Website.
  9. It is prohibited in any way to interfere with any functionality or appearance of the Website, as well as any illegal and unauthorized modification of its content. You must by no means and by any means cause such offenses on or through the Website to infringe upon the rights of the Company, other users and / or third parties. This includes the prohibition of sending spam or other material harmful to our interests, the interests of other users and / or third parties.
  11. In the event that the Company is involved in any litigation or is required to pay any kind of compensation to third parties for reasons arising from the breach of the user's obligations, you shall be liable to the Company for this reason.

2.2. The Company makes every effort to ensure that the information contained on the Website is complete, accurate, up-to-date and unambiguous without any warranty and therefore without liability. However, under no circumstances, including negligence, Company shall not be liable for errors, omissions, or any omissions related to the information, for delays or interruptions or for failure to transmit the information or for any damage caused to the visitor / user due to the use of this information. The content of the Website does not constitute financial, legal or other advice, inducement to carry out any investment or other activity and the Company bears no responsibility for the use of the Website by visitors / users acting on their own willing. See Clause 4 hereof. 


We retain the right to advertise Our Website and Products and Services to other sites of Our choice and use affiliates or third-party advertising agencies, as appropriate. These ads use cookies but do not use any personally identifiable data. You can read more about Our Cookies Policy HERE.We also retain the right to host on Our Website Ads of third parties. The Ads may contain link to website of others. We take all due care and reasonable measures to ensure that the third parties Ads do not contain any material that is illegal, offensive, false or misleading, and we prohibit any Ads that may contain material threatening, bad worded, pornographic, guns, virus, other inappropriate programs, pyramid schemes, illegal activities, or any other inappropriate content at its sole discretion. However, no advertising may imply that it is endorsed or made in association with the Company. In addition, we take all appropriate measures to identify any advertisements that violate the above and are in violation of the law, however we do not guarantee the appropriateness and legality of these advertisements and the Company may, at any time, decline any advertising for any reason whatsoever it deems appropriate , even after its publication.


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Users and Members and Clients can follow Our Company on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter (hereinafter the “Social Media), to learn about the Event, place your comments and follow our promotional campaigns relating to the Event. Any Products, Service being offered by us through the Social Media and all the information posted are subject to the Terms, unless otherwise agreed. We do not have any access to your Social Media Accounts, and we do not control your interaction with the Social Media, therefore we bare no responsibility for any action and/or omission on behalf of the Social Media. For this reason you must read carefully the terms and Conditions of the stated Social Media.  


3.1. Through the Website, the Company and its Stay In Providers (e.g. Hotels) provide and display the different types of the tickets of the Event (Tickets) , and through which the  Services of the Event are provided (accommodation, Experiences). The Tickets are sold through Stay In Provider - Sales Platform (eventora.com).  By purchasing a Ticket , you enter into a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship either with the Company ( if we provide the Event) or with the Stay In Provider ( if the Services is provided by him) with which you purchase a product or service (as applicable) via the Sales Platform.In the event that you purchase a Stay In Provider Ticket (e.g. from Hotel), the Website operates exclusively by providing promotion and advertising services for such tickets. The Company does not (re)sell, rent out, offer any (travel) product or service. Each Stay In Provider remains responsible at all times for the accuracy, completeness, and correctness of the (descriptive) information displayed on our Website and the Sales Platform (eventora.com). The following Tickets Purchasing Terms are in addition to the Terms of Use of the Website :

  1.   By purchasing a Ticket of the Event (including the purchase through the Sales Platform) you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth herein.
  2. A valid Ticket of any type gives the right to provide the referring Services (e.g. Hotel accomodation or entering / attending an event) to the Ticket holder, at the relevant date and at the relevant times as stated in the Ticket provided that the holder accepts and complies with the operating conditions of the venue where the Ticket Services are provided (e.g. the regulation of the Hotel) and / or the rules of conduct of the Experience, especially of the health protocols that have entered into force and are applied in the premises where the Services are provided due to COVID-19.It is recommended before buying a Ticket, to be informed about the operating conditions of the Hotels and other places where the Experiences will take place. The provision of the service to the holder means the unconditional acceptance of the Terms hereof and the operating conditions of the Hotels and the infrastructures where the Services are offered. Notwithstanding the term 9 herein, the Ticket is not resold, exchanged or transferred. In this case, the Ticket becomes invalid without refunding the fee to its holder. The Ticket, in any way purchased, can be canceled by the holder up to 24 hours before the date of arrival at the Hotel or the date of the provision of the Experience, entitled the holder to a refund. For example, if the date of arrival or provision of the Experience is on 04.11.2022 then the holder can cancel before 12 am of the previous day (03.11.2022, hotel/experience venue time).If this deadline expires, the Ticket shall not be canceled, redeemed, and no refund shall be given to its holder, except in the case of the term 10). Tickets purchased for business, commercial, advertising or other activity without the approval of the Company may be canceled.
  3. The Company and its third-party affiliates (e.g. Stay In Providers) may, for security reasons and in the context of providing and charging services, require any evidence for all types of Tickets (indicative copy of ID, age certificate). Failure to show the above evidence may result in you being asked to stop drinking and buy alcohol and / or your removal from the event. If you look like under 18, you may be prompted for age proof when buying alcohol.
  4.  By purchasing a ticket for a child, ie for a person aged under 16 years at the time of the Event, you confirm that you are either the parent, the legal guardian or the appointed guardian of the child for whom you buy the Ticket. The Terms mentioned herein also apply to ticket  holders for children.
  5. The Company and their affiliate third parties (e.g. Stay In Providers) reserve the right to refuse the provision of Services to any Ticket holder for justified reason. The Ticket holder accepts the possibility to inspect his personal items from the Company or the Stay In Providers, and their third party partners in order to guarantee the safety of the visitors and of the Event. The Company or the Stay In Providers and their third party partners, are entitled either to refuse entry or to remove anyone who is under the influence of drugs or excessive alcohol consumption or who do not comply with the sanitary and health protocols of the area, or who is ill or proven to be a carrier of COVID-19 or who in their reasonable opinion, due to inappropriate behavior he cannot stay further at the Event, even if he holds a Ticket.
  6. It is the responsibility of the Ticket holder to check his Tickets. The Company or/and the Stay In Providers are not responsible for any loss or theft of Tickets. The Company or/and the Stay In Providers are not required to replace stolen or lost tickets
  7. Tickets will not be used as awards in competitions without the prior written consent of the Company.
  8. All audio and mobile or fixed image rights, including without limitation the online ones, belong exclusively to the Company and any material recorded in the Event may be used only for the personal and non-profit use of visitors. Upon participating to the Event and the provision of Services, Ticket holders agree to be photographed, videotaped, or recorded as guests attending the Event and to include their image or voice in any content such as video, photo and / or audio recordings (and processed) with the contents of the above recording media being communicated and / or commercially available in any international media indefinitely without the Ticket holder having any claim from the company performing the video recording with the approval of the Company  or its partner.You do hereby expressly acknowledge, agree and accept that the foregoing do not infringe on your personality and other rights and in no way waive any claims or objections and that you  providing the Company (as the Controller) and its affiliates (Stay In Providers) (as the Data Processor) your consent to their collection, storing and general processing of the personal information you disclosed by participating in the Event during your video and / or photographing, their advertising and displaying them in the media mentioned above. For more, see our Privacy Policy.
  9.  Tickets are sold without prejudice to the right of the Company to modify or alter the program and the dates of the Event due to events or circumstances beyond its control or force majeure or for organizational reasons without the Company being obliged to return money or exchange Tickets. It is the responsibility of the Ticket Holder to confirm the date, time and place of any new Event. If the Event is postponed, (partially, that is an event or weekend or service or in total) of the Event, due to events or circumstances beyond Company’s control or force majeure or for organizational reasons, the Company reserves the right to change the date, time, venue and schedule of the Event. In this case the tickets are valid as of the new dates and are not redeemable, no refund, and the holder is not entitled to claim any compensation due to the above change. In case of postponement, the Tickets may be canceled, with a refund of the price, by their holders if the deadline for free cancellation of this paragraph a.2 has not expired. (ie 24 hours before the arrival / Experience date) otherwise if the date has elapsed, no fee is refunded to them by the issuers - providers.
  10. Tickets issued for  a particular service may be redeemed by the issuer-receiver their price to its holder in the below cases: 
  1. cancellation on behalf of the holder 24 hours before the date of arrival (if it concerns the Accommodation) or the date of the experience (if it concerns the experience),
  2. in the event of cancellation and / or interruption and / or permanent termination of the provision of the particular Service of the Event prior to its commencement for reasons which are due to the wrongful act of the provider of the Ticket Service or of the event organizer relating to the Ticket Provider 
  3. in the event of the decision of final cancellation of the Event or the provision of the Event Service concerning the Ticket by the Organization, excluding the cancellation due to force majeure.

For the redeem of the ticket under the above cases, their holder shall request a redeemer to the issuer - receiver the ticket Price : i)  up to 24 hours before the Service in accordance with case 10a. or/and ii) within fifteen (15) days from the date of the notification of the cancellation of the service or of the event or of the Event in total. 

To the extent that the above apply, the holder of such Ticket shall be entitled to a full refund of the Ticket price from the Issuer - receiver its price within one month of the filing of the return application, without the Company or the issuer of the Ticket being obliged to reimburse the ticket holder for any other damage.

11. In the event of cancellation and / or termination of any  provision of Ticket Service or part of the Event due to events or circumstances beyond control or force majeure or for organizational reasons or due to their Ticket holder’s inappropriate behavior, and if the period referred to in paragraph 10a hereof has expired,Tickets for that Service and / or the event are not redeemed, no refund, and their holder is not entitled to claim any compensation due to the above cancellation.Similarly, no fee is refunded to the Ticket holder, if the provision of the Service is not provided or interrupted due to the culpable behavior of its holder.

12.It is expressly stated that you agree, accepting the Terms herein that a force majeure event means the legal meaning and interpretation of the term as well as the following events: fire, earthquake, flood, hurricane, tornado, extreme weather, epidemic, epidemic, pandemic, due to accidents, strikes, shutdowns, riots, civil unrest, acts and events that pose a public risk, elections, exclusion, substantial disruption to air or other travel services, travel instructions, change of the ownership of the Event Space, termination of the event space lease, revocation of the event space administrative licenses, a natural disaster or other event requiring the cancellation or postponement of the Event in whole or in part, the adoption of any or any law a decree from any lawfully established authority or the issuance of any executive or judicial order, terrorist act or threat, war or armed conflict (whether there was an official statement of the existence of a situation or war), invasion, occupation or military intervention.

13.The Company or the Stay In Providers, their addressees and / or the third parties associated with them are not responsible for interference between ticket holders for injury to a Ticket holder for any loss or loss of personal belongings of Ticket holders that took place within the provision of the Ticket Service or the event or in any venue of the Event. 

14.When purchasing the Ticket, you agree that when providing the Ticket-related service (eg accommodation or Experience), the Ticket holder accepts and complies with any applicable rules or terms and conditions applying either at the event venue either at the  Hotel of the Stay In Provider or when providing the service either by the Company or by the Stay In Provider or by the owner of any venue as well as with the Event or Hotel operating regulations and by any other regulations specified on the Ticket. The Ticket Holder is obliged to comply with the instructions of security personnel and representatives of either the Company or Stay In Providers and their affiliates.

3.2. The prices for accomodation or for the participation to Experiences  and Services  as offered by the Company or Stay In Providers on our Website are discounted on the regular price offered by Hotels or event organizers, vary depending on the type of payment card, refer to certain types of rooms / accommodation or experiences for a specific period of time and / or specific service packages for a specific period of time and are highly competitive. That’s why the Tickets available are accompanied by these special tickets purchasing terms. All prices quoted for your Ticket include VAT / sales tax (subject to the possibility of these taxes being changed) except in the case of Accommodation Ticket which doesn’t include  the overnight tax per room and per hotel category - which will be paid in addition by you directly to the Hotel upon check out . The prices offered on the Website related to accommodation are dynamic and fluctuating as they result from the current hotel prices.Ticket prices are per person or group - if available - and are subject to validity or date as stated in the Ticket, if applicable. Please note that when issuing any Ticket, you will not be charged any additional costs from the Website or the Sales Platform for sale.

3.3. Payment of the tickets through the sales platform of the Event - Stay In Provider ( e.g. eventora.gr) website is made exclusively by the user’s credit card. All Visa® and MasterCard®, Diners Club® and American Express® credit cards are accepted on the Website while there are Experiences which are offered exclusively for MasterCard cardholders.  Thus,for MasterCard card holders there are bigger discounts and special rates for the other cardholders.Credit card billing takes place by purchasing the tickets and completing the online transaction. The cooperating Sales Platform bears the responsibility for the security of users' transactions on the booking platform. For more details see our Stay In Provider- Sales Platform Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The Company does not maintain or process, for security reasons, the card details used in the sales platform. By entering the required credit card information, the user expressly states that he has the legal right to use the card. The Company bears no responsibility in the event of unlawful use of cards. The provision of card details indicates the user’s consent to freeze the amount corresponding to the Ticket price. If the credit card transaction is rejected for any reason by the issuing bank or the credit card network (indications such as credit limit overruns or suspicion of fraud), then the ordering of the Tickets is automatically canceled. If you do not see a confirmation message of your Booking Ticket via the Stay In Provider - Sales Platform confirmation page, after sending your payment details, or if you receive an error message or a service interruption when sending your details, you should contact us through telephone ( +302102419654-5) or  email (events@toposophy.com) . The Company bears no responsibility for any financial or other damage to the user, if for any reason it has not received confirmation of its reservation.

3.4. You hereby agree that for any kind of ticket purchases you make you take into account the situation of COVID-19 and the relevant government measures, while you agree that according to the European directives and the relevant case law, after the declaration of the COVID-19 epidemic as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (March 11, 2020), the effects of the pandemic on travel can no longer be considered unpredictable or unexpected by consumers.However, the Organization has the right to cancel or modify the event, in whole or in part, in case of changes due to COVID-19, while this reason for cancellation does not fall in case 3.1.(10).

  1. Limitation of  Guarantee- Liability - Idemnification

4.1. Our Company always acts in good faith and in accordance with the law and these Terms. Therefore, it has taken and continues to take all necessary technical or other measures and shall make every effort (a)  to ensure that the Website is operated continuously and properly without any problems, interruptions, delays, errors or errors, (b) so that the data / the information provided and transmitted through this is not altered and is protected by being backed up, as the security systems of this site are subject to limitations (c)so that the technology used by Company or the Servers through which our Website is made available to Users will be without viruses or other harmful components or software programs, but the Company DOES NOT PROVIDE RELATIVE WARRANTIES FOR ALL above but also for the Services offered and shall not be liable to you if you suffer any damage for the above reasons.

4.2. In addition, our Company does not guarantee (a) the suitability, effectiveness, adequacy of the WebSite Services,  (b) the proper  performance of the transaction obligations of the other users of the Website and its Services and (c) the effectiveness, suitability and adequacy of the means offered through their Services Website.

We make reasonable efforts to maintain and make available the content of the Site. However, users acknowledge that the Website has the right to modify and / or temporarily or permanently discontinue in total or partly of the Website with and / or without notice to users, as availability may be affected by the equipment of users, from other communications networks, from the large number of people trying to use the site at the same time, or from other causes. Therefore, the Company bears no responsibility for any damage (positive, consequential, negligent, intra-contractual or otherwise) arising from users' inability to access it, termination of all or parts thereof, delay, non-delivery, interruption or poor quality of its services or loss of their content, the existence of any kind of error. 

The Company and the Website are not responsible for any technical problems that may occur to users when attempting to access the Website, during the browsing  and are related to the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure with the use of the Website. Also, the Website and the Company have no responsibility for the acts or omissions of third parties and in particular unauthorized third parties' interference with products and / or services and / or information made available through it.

Except as expressly set forth herein, the Website and the Company have no civil, criminal, or other liability whatsoever in relation to you and / or any third party deriving rights from you, in the event that any of the above, in the on line use of the Services and / or and the products of this Website are directly, indirectly, incidental to financial or other loss, loss of earnings due to: (a) errors, omissions, technical failures, malfunctions of the telecommunications networks, the Internet, the Website, Internet Service Providers; (b) permanent or temporary shutdown of the Website or certain of its Services and / or interruption of the provision of certain products through the Website; (c) events, situations, actions, acts and / or omissions of the Website or third parties including and other Users and Stay In Providers for which the Company makes no warranties or obligations under the terms herein; (d) events, situations, actions, acts and / or omissions of Stay In Providers ( Hotels - Reservation Platform) and the Services that they display through the Website; (e) information and other content that may be published and disclosed by third parties.

The Company is in no way liable for your communication with third-party providers or Stay In Providers who advertise or advertise or display their Services on the Website as well as for any commercial transaction that may arise from the relationship between you and the abovementioned. In addition, we are not responsible for any defective products or Services of third parties.

The Company reserves the right to temporarily or permanently exclude any user at any time without giving reason, namely to cancel / delete / block access (temporarily and / or permanently) without any claims being made against the Company. The foregoing shall apply in particular (but not exclusively) in the event of a breach of the terms of use by the user as a whole which are recognized and agreed by the user as being essential,  in the event of request of any Authority, Court, in the event of a complaint by a third party user. The Company reserves the right at any time, without cause and without charge, to discontinue and cease the provision of the Website Services and / or its function permanently or temporarily without any obligation to inform users in advance.

The Company is solely responsible for direct damages arising out of its deliberate or gross negligence, which you suffered as a user, paid for or being caused by inadequate compliance with our obligations to provide our Services, with the total amount corresponding to the total cost of Services you paid for our Company. Subject to mandatory provisions, the liability of the Company, our employees, directors, agents, affiliates, distributors,, franchisees, agents or others involved in the creation, sponsorship, promoting or otherwise providing the Website and its content is completely and expressly excluded,for (i) direct damage due to slight negligence whatever the legal reason, (ii) any punitive, special, indirect, or consequential loss or damages, any loss of production, loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of contract, loss of or damage to goodwill or reputation, loss of claim, ,(iii) any inaccuracy relating to the (descriptive) information (including rates, availability, and ratings) of the Stay In Providers as made available on our Platform, (iv)  services rendered or the products offered by the Stay In Providers  or other business partners, (v) any (direct, indirect, consequential, or punitive) damages, losses, or costs suffered, incurred, or paid by you, pursuant to, arising out of or in connection with the use, inability to use, or delay of our Platform, or (vi) any (personal) injury, death, property damage, or other (direct, indirect, special, consequential, or punitive) damages, losses, or costs suffered, incurred or paid by you, whether due to (legal) acts, errors, breaches, (gross) negligence, willful misconduct, omissions, non-performance, misrepresentations, tort or strict liability by or (wholly or partly) attributable to the Stay In Providers or any of our other business partners (including any of their employees, directors, officers, agents, representatives, subcontractors, or affiliated companies) whose products or service are (directly or indirectly) made available, offered, or promoted on or through the Platform, including any (partial) cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure, or any other event beyond our control.

The Company is not responsible (and disclaims any liability) for the use, validity, quality, suitability, fitness, and due disclosure of the Services of Stay In Providers (Accomodation, Experiences etc) and makes no representations, warranties, or conditions of any kind in this respect, whether implied, statutory or otherwise, including any implied warranties of merchantability, title, non-infringement, or fitness for a particular purpose. You acknowledge and agree that the relevant Stay In Providers is solely responsible and assumes all responsibility and liability in respect of the Services that you purchase from it (including any warranties and representations made by the Stay In Providers). You agree and acknowledge that the Stay In Provider is at all times responsible for the collection, withholding, remittance, and payment of the applicable taxes due on the total amount of the price or fee (of the Services) to the relevant tax authorities. The Company is not liable or responsible for the remittance, collection, withholding, or payment of the relevant taxes due on the price or fee  (of the Service provided by the Stay In Provider) to the relevant tax authorities.

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