1. What is Stay in Athens by Mastercard?
Stay in Athens is a unique opportunity for an escape experience in Athens by Mastercard - presented by This is Athens of the Municipality of Athens and organized by Toposophy. Stay in Athens provides an immersive accommodation experience in the city’s best hotels as well as the opportunity to participate in unique experiences in special prices at the Stay in Athens website. For more info, read here.
2. When does Stay in Athens start / end?
The 3rd Stay in Athens by Mastercard is launched in 2022 for 4 weekends starting from 04.11.2022 until 27.11.2022, in particular :

04-06 November

11-12 November

18-20 November

25-27 November 

3. Which hotels are included in the 3rd Stay in Athens ?
You may find all hotels participating in the 3rd Stay in Athens here .

4. How can I book / purchase a ticket?
All bookings are processed online with a credit or debit card. You first need to visit the Stay in Athens website, choose the room or experience you are interested in, click on ''Book Now'' and you will be transferred to the booking platform of Eventora where you will continue with the booking and payment process in a secure online environment. If you are a Mastercard cardholder you will need to enter the first 6 digits of your card number in order to receive the exclusive special price, and then proceed to payment checkout using the same card. For additional information, please read the Tickets Purchasing Terms
5. Who is eligible for the Stay in Athens special offers?
Stay in Athens offers: 

- Accommodation at the finest hotels all over the city: 30% discount exclusively for Mastercard® cardholders and special rates for all cardholders.

-Unique experiences in Athens designed exclusively for Mastercard® cardholders.


6. I am a Mastercard cardholder. Which process should I follow in order to receive the exclusive Mastercard cardholder discount for a room booking - ticket purchase ?
Please follow the booking procedure as described in question 4 and during the payment step, fill in the first 6 digits of your Mastercard card number in order to receive the exclusive Mastercard discount.  You then pay your booking using the same card. For additional information, please read the Tickets Purchasing Terms.

7. Is there any fee for booking - purchasing a ticket through Stay in Athens?
The booking process is completely free for all users.
8. What is included in the special price for booking a room in a hotel participating in Stay in Athens?
The room quote mentioned in the Stay in Athens website includes the accommodation cost with breakfast (if available), the VAT tax and the municipal tax applied by law.  The room rate does not include the stayover government tax, ranging from €0.50 to €4.00 per night of stay, which is chargeable to the guest who used the room and is paid directly by the guest at the hotel after the stay and prior to checkout.
9. How will I receive confirmation of my booking / ticket purchase?
Once you have completed the payment process of  your  booking - ticket purchase you will receive a confirmation email from Eventora, at the email address you have provided during the booking process including all booking details. You may be asked to present this email to the service provider ( e.g.hotel or restaurant)  in order to verify your booking. Τhe service provider (e.g. hotel) will contact you by email or phone to arrange all other details related to your booking / ticket purchase.
10. What happens if there is a problem in the payment process or if the payment is completed without me receiving any confirmation email.
If you have any questions related to your booking, you may e-mail us at  events@toposophy.com or call us at 302102419654-5.
11. Should I print the confirmation of my booking - ticket purchase?
You may print your booking confirmation or keep it available online.
12. Is it possible to request the cancellation of my booking - ticket purchase?
Τhere is a free cancellation policy 24hrs before the date of  arrival or the experience (before 12am, hotel time, of the previous day). For additional information, please read the Tickets Purchasing Terms.
13. May I request a change in my booking - ticket date?
Changes in the booking date are not accepted. For more info, please have a look at the Tickets Purchasing Terms.
14. Can my booking be used by a different person?
All bookings / ticket purchases are strictly personal and cannot be used by any third party. For more information, please visit the Tickets Purchasing Terms.
15. What happens if there are no rooms available on the dates selected?
You are kindly asked to look for an alternative option within the same or different hotel participating  in the Stay in Athens website.

16. What happens in case my booking / ticket purchase does not include a specific time slot. How will I be able to find out the exact hours?
For bookings- tickets for experiences or other services that do not include a specific time slot for the day they referred, you will be contacted by a  service provider representative in order to discuss and confirm time options. In any case, you are also entitled to communicate directly with the service provider.